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Outdoor tile patio and steps
Sandstone patio
Sandstone patios
Graphite tile patio
Graphite outdoor tile
Wood effect outdoor tile
Granite paving and sleeper landscape
Sandstone patio
Curved sandstone patio
Granite cobble
Black slate circle patio
Fossil sandstone patio
Black paver patio
Staggered sandstone patio area
curved block paving patio
Paver patio
sandstone steps
Grey sandstone patio
Sandstone patio and lawn
Grey sandstone patio
Fossil sandstone patio and path
Block edged sandstone patio
Patio and mini sleeper planter
Sandstone seating area
Black limestone patio
Sunset sandstone patio
Charcoal block paving path
Blue/ black slate patio
Autumn brown sandstone patio
Fossil mint sandstone patio & steps
Sandstone two level patio
Staggered sandstone paving
Composite decking with tiki hut
Raised softwood deck with planters
Corner deck with pergola
Raised deck and lawn
Composite deck with lighting
Oak sleeper deck
Raised deck with balustade
Decking around log cabin
Raised deck with balustade
Raised deck
Composite deck with balustade
Corner deck and sleeper planters
Decking with pergola
Softwood decking
Raised deck and childrens swing
Smooth softwood decking
Raised deck
Softwood decking
Deck with canopy
Corner deck
Decked seating area.
Decking with sleeper planters
Log cabin and deck
Softwood decking
Raised decking
Small corner Deck
Sandstone driveway with brick edging
Granite effect block driveway
Brindle block paving drive
Grey sandstone driveway
Block paved drive
Concrete drive with charcoal edging
Granite effect drive and steps
Grey sandstone drive
Concrete drive with charcoal edging
Drive and seating area
Concrete and block edging
Concrete driveway
Concrete drive with slate area
Block paving driveway
Block paving driveway
Concrete drive with round nose edge
Concrete and block paved edge
Brindle block drive
Grey sandstone drive and path
Granite effect block
Concrete drive
Sandstone drive and path
Block paved drive
Decorative stone drive
Sandstone driveway with brick edging
Brindle block drive
Brindle block drive
Concrete drive with slate area
Brindle block drive
Concrete drive with paver edge
Brindle block drive
Concrete drive with block edging
Concrete drive
Brindle block drive
Brindle block drive



We can create a patio or path in any shape or size from a wide variety of stone or re-lay an existing one.

Re-pointing or jet washing existing patios are also part of a choice of services.

From a wide range of hardwood and softwood timber a deck of any shape and size can be created for you or we can extend or repair an existing deck. Jet washing and treatment to existing decks is also a service provided.

Installation of driveways in all shapes and sizes installed using a wide range of paving and block paving.

Oak sleeper and granite steps
Redwood sleeper sleeps
Sleeper planters and steps
Sleeper planters with bench
Sleeper bench
Oak sleeper and granite
Sleeper planters and retainer
Sleeper retained wall
Sleeper retained artificial lawn
Sleeper retained patio
Sleeper bench
Sleeper feature
Mini sleeper planter
Sleeper steps
Sleeper retained patio and lawn
Sleeper planter and bench
Sleeper retainer and steps
Sleeper planter with strip trellis
Sleeper retaining wall
Sleeper planter
Deck capped sleeper planter
Low sleeper planters
Sleeper and decorative stone steps
Triangle sleeper planter
Recycled sleeper border
No maintenance fencing
Close board fencing
Close board fencing
Custom made strip trellis
Wire and timber post
Lap panel with concrete posts
Continental panel and double gates
Strip trellised pergola
Lap panel with concrete posts
Lap panel fencing
Trellised bench
Lap panel with trellis
Double gates
Close board fencing
Close board fencing
Close board fencing
Close board fencing
Lap panel bolted to a wall
Lap panel fencing
Bamboo screening
2015-03-19 15.02.02.jpg
2015-06-22 15.13.44.jpg
2016-10-19 10.41.54
2015-07-31 13.52.43.jpg
2015-05-12 15.04.07.jpg
2015-08-18 18.30.27.jpg
2015-02-23 14.58.09.jpg
2015-06-22 15.12.39.jpg
2016-10-18 15.37.35
2014-05-22 13.05.41.jpg
2015-05-12 15.44.33.jpg
2015-03-19 15.01.23.jpg
2015-05-12 15.45.06.jpg
2015-02-23 14.57.35.jpg
2015-03-19 15.02.21.jpg
2015-03-19 14.59.17.jpg




Using hardwood or softwood sleepers we could build you walls, steps, planters or seating to blend in with your garden or to change the levels.

Whether it is a wooden, metal, wire or concrete fence that you need we can cover the area you need to. All types of  trellis can be used for screening or to add some character or height to the fence itself.Treatment, painting or jet washing are also services we provide.

With a choice of different products we can install your perfect artificial lawn in many shapes and sizes..

2014-01-23 11.55.47.jpg
2013-11-05 14.45.16.jpg
2013-08-23 16.53.40.jpg
2013-10-24 11.47.22.jpg
2013-09-20 14.29.03.jpg
2013-09-06 17.09.13.jpg
Hard wearing lawn
Sleeper edged lawn
Lawn using hard wearing turf
New hard wearing lawn
lawn between path and planters
Hard wearing lawn
Hard wearing lawn
Hard wearing lawn.
Lawn with stepping stone path.
Fine cut lawn with a staggered edge.
Extension  of the lawn
Custom made pergola
2014-11-17 12.10.04.jpg
2014-10-03 11.33.17.jpg
2015-06-16 14.11.48.jpg
2015-02-27 15.51.21.jpg
2014-03-28 14.43.34.jpg
2013-07-11 15.41.57.jpg




There are many other services we provide like drainage, concreting, outbuilding and much more. Please take a look at our portfolio to see some examples.

Garden walls, raised bedding areas, raised  patio areas and brick  edging are just some of the features we can create for your garden.

All lawns are installed on new top soil. We can install them using hard wearing, luxury or meadow turf.

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